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Tessa had a busy day today! She even got in a wheel chair and we got to go down and show her the ball wall in the lobby and also took her shopping in the gift shop! The first thing she said was “Can I buy something for Tyler?” she is the sweetest girl, and I really hope she continues to show her true self so all the nurses and doctors can see the sweet, kind, caring girl we all love so so much. She did great in therapy today as well. She was suppose to move to the therapy rehab floor tomorrow but her donor skin spots are still to raw so they would like to keep her in the burns unit for just a few more days. She is adjusting well to her pain meds, we are still having belly pain issues with her, so they are trying a new feed tonight in her feeding tube. So fingers crossed this new one will be good for her. She said today that she misses her friends and is ready to get back home! She is really working hard everyday and surprising everyone that gets the pleasure to meet her and work with her.