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Tessa had a very busy morning/afternoon today. She was literally ready for bed at 3pm today. She is still trying to get past a few issues, so we can move on to the therapy floor. She is fighting hard and its exhausting not only for her but for us as well. We just want our lives back on track and things to go smoothly for more than just a day or two. We get so far only to be pulled back down again. She isn’t herself at all and we know she is in there but its taking way longer than we thought to get her back. This journey has been so hard. We can only take so much and we are getting to our breaking point. It for sure is NOT getting easier, quite the opposite. Matt basically lives at the hospital, he is seriously the best dad. He would do anything for his kids, and doesn’t complain one bit, he is a lot stronger than I am when it comes to dealing with things like this. I have been going back and forth everyday to bring a little normal to Tyler’s life, even though its not nearly the normal it used to be, but none the less that kid is a trooper and has been our bit of positive in all of this. He always tries to see the best in any situation. Please keep our family in your prayers, and send healing vibes to our tiny dancer.