Victor Milani

For many years it has been a welcome relief for Nordonia Hills residents to have the Sagamore Hills Medical Center Emergency Room on Rt. 82. But, as of December 1st, this will no longer be an option. After that time, the Cleveland Clinic will turn the facility into an express care unit, treating patients above the age of 14. They will treat non-life threatening injuries as a walk in facility. It will be staffed with nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants. No doctors!

Cleveland Clinic officials use numbers, not emotional ties, or logistics, as the reason for closure. They say they average seeing only 17 patients, and only 2.3 emergency runs daily. Should the Nordonia Hills residents be penalized for not having more sick people, or ambulance runs to the facility? The facility is like insurance, it’s nice to know that it is there if needed! This sounds like more of a CVS minute Clinic to me.

The result of this closure is this. Longer trips to other emergency room facilities like Marymount, Ahuja, Hillcrest, Twinsburg or even Akron When someone’s life is in jeopardy, minutes count! While the local emergency personnel are transporting patients, more staffing will have to be added to fill vacant fire stations. Northfield Center has said it will cost at least $100,000 for additional staffing, to accommodate the closure. Fire Chiefs Frank Risko, Jason Buss, and Tim Black are now forced to scramble by December 1st to make changes in the manner they transport patients. The Cleveland Clinic has told officials this is etched in stone, and the decision has been made. It’s a shame that once again, a medical decision is based on the margin of profit / loss, not what’s been best for the residents for many decades. The more things change, the more some stay the same. The almighty dollar!