NOTE: Phil Chalmers is a nationally acclaimed, author, speaker and TV personality who provides seminars across the USA on murder, drugs, bullying and school violence. He has studied the minds of killers over 30 years. His knowledge and expertise are second to none. Phil will be a contributing writer to Nordonia Hills.News periodically!

By Phil Chalmers

Someone asked if I could post the top warning signs of teen killers and school shooters. So here they are, in the order of what I deem the most dangerous. Pictured is the blaring warning sign of Parkland, Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz.

1-Threat of violence, either spoken or posted on social media
2-Posting pictures of guns and other deadly weapons
3-Fascination with other school shootings and mass murders
4-Fascination with Guns, Bombs and Knives
5-Fascination with Violent Video Games, violent music, torture films and violent porn
6-Cruelty to animals
7-Fascination with setting fires
8-Bedwetting into the teen years
9-Peeping tom behavior
10-Keeping a journal of plans of violence

Top Triggers of Teen Killers and School Shooters

1-Girlfriend breaks up with you
2-Parents tell you that you can’t date someone
3-Suspension and Expulsion
4-Dispute with parents
5-Major bullying incident at school.

If you see something, say something. I hope this helps you all stop future teen murders and school violence.


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