By JC Sullivan
Anyone with ANY inkling of Russian AND communist history already knew this. They’ve been actively doing this since their murder of the Russian Tsar (read Head of State), his wife and their four children. 
During World War II our alleged ally  paused their westward offensive against Germany outside Poland and  swung their armies south to capture ( and enslave) Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Once they accomplished this they attacked and captured Finland and its Nickel mines. 
Then they resumed their westward push into Poland.
Immediately after the cessation of hostilities they created the “Iron Curtain,” thereby blocking Allied access to the captive nations. This was a violation of the Yalta agreement between Churchill, Stalin and our then-President. Roosevelt was very ill at the time and was entirely fooled by Russia’s treachery.
Here in the U.S. they stole atomic secrets thus becoming an atomic power. They fought us with men and supplies in Korea and Vietnam uand continue to do so.
Their goal is world dominance. It’s the only way they can survive, every government must be Socialist. That way they control without resistance, without the pest that is freedom. Their party elites control while others suffer. So many examples – No. Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, China…where do I stop?
So, why is anyone surprised at their treachery as human beings?