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I watched a bit of the Oscars last night. In one segment Master of Ceremonies Chris Rock interviewed a number of black people in Compton, CA. He asked them about the Oscar-nominated movies this year and none of them said they had seen or heard of the movies. Remember now that this year there apparently were no black nominees. The answers of those he interviewed, who were all black, mocked those who HAD been nominated (read white people). Their answers to his questions were insulting and demeaning to ALL this year’s nominees and winners.

Unfortunately, the Oscar Award Ceremony has become a politicized event. Vice President Joe Biden even made an appearance on behalf of young collegians, men and women who allegedly have been sexually abused on America’s campuses. A number of them were on stage. From this show, viewed by millions around the world, it would appear to them that America’s campuses are nothing more than places where rapes occur on a daily basis, as if it’s a gigantic epidemic.

The script for this show was written in Moscow to demonstrate how bad and racist the United States is.

By John Charles Sullivan