Low back pain relief is oftentimes difficult to obtain, especially considering that the exact cause is not always known. It is very important to make sure you have an accurate diagnosis of your particular condition prior to beginning treatment for low back pain. There are countless treatments available for low back pain relief. Most of the treatments like medications bring temporary relief. Chiropractic treatment eliminates the cause of low back pain by using a multi-faceted approach. In the following couple of weeks, I will explain the different causes of low back pain and how chiropractic treatment can help correct each specific cause. Today, I will discuss Facet Syndrome.

Facet Syndrome a Major Cause of Low Back Pain

Facet Syndrome: On the back side of each vertebra are a pair of joints that serve to stabilize the vertebrae while also allowing certain movements to take place. These joints are called “Facets”. The facet joints are a common-area of strain from heavy lifting, repetitive twisting and prolonged forward or back bending. It is estimated that 15% to 40% of lower back pain originates from the facets. Problems with the facets respond favorably to a combination of chiropractic adjustments, exercise and appropriate lifestyle changes. A specific exercise program is key for correcting weak muscles surrounding the facet joints. Stretching, massage and other soft tissue techniques are effective to address these muscles. Nutritional supplementation is extremely beneficial to combat the negative effects of chronic inflammation associated with facet syndrome.

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