Roy Meadows

By Victor Milani

Macedonia resident Roy Meadows was born on February 2, 1936, in Beckley, West Virginia. Attended the Beckley College/Charleston University. He served in the military in the West Virginia National Guard. Roy had the honor of being selected as an Original Member of State of West Virginia’s First Color Guard to Governor Cecil Underwood. Roy and the love of his life, wife Carolyn, were married for 59 Years before her unfortunate passing this year. The Meadows family (sons Andy and Chuck) have called North East 1Ohio home since 1969, moving here from Baltimore, Maryland.

The Nordonia Hills Civic contributions, Roy and the rest of the Meadows family have made are numerous! If ever there was a Mr. Nordonia High School Booster, it would most definitely be Roy Meadows.

Roy and his wife Carolyn have spent their entire lives working with children and for children. After raising their own children, they felt a void and invested themselves in the Rotary Club’s Foreign Exchange Program where they became a host family for high school international students. Kent State University had contacted the Meadows’ family concerning a Host Family program for the university and was interested in developing something to benefit all of the international college students. Without hesitation, they volunteered to participate. These wonderful programs allowed the Meadows family to share their love and home with international students from five continents. They are lovingly referred to as “Mom & Pop USA” by the students they opened their home to.  Roy has committed the remainder of his life to keeping our children safe.  

Roy Meadows Nordonia High School and other accomplishments are as follows:

Vice President & Elected Member (2 Terms) (Nordonia Hills Board of Education)
Chair and Member, The Nordonia Foundation
Chairman/Co-Founder, Decorating Committee, (Nordonia Hills High School After Prom)
President/Vice President of the Nordonia Band Aides
Founder of Nordonia High School’s Academic Hall of Fame
Recipient: Outstanding Citizen Award 2004 (Nordonia Hills Chamber of Commerce

Roy Meadows Donor/Supporter groups are as follow:

1011115_592160490869560_485957495_nNordonia Hills Band
The Ascend Program
National Honor Society
Virginia Ocasek Memorial Courtyard
Nordonia Hills Academic Hall of Fame
The Nordonia Hill After Prom
Nordonia Hills Art Department
Nordonia Hills School Levies
The Nordonia Foundation
Cleveland’s Ronald McDonald House
Cleveland’s Aaron’s House
The Kenny Lofton Foundation
Cuyahoga County MRDD
Preston’s Hope
1779786_592164930869116_1008539848_nDARE Program (Northfield Village)
DARE Program (Macedonia)
Feed the Children
The Salvation Army
Cuyahoga Valley Career Center
Northfield Village Police Department
Bedford Heights Basketball/Baseball
The Cleveland Opera
Cleveland Indian’s Charities
The Humane Society
Cleveland’s City Mission
Fraternal Order of Police

Roy Meadows was with Fabri-Centers/JoAnn Fabrics as Store Planning and Construction Manager for twenty years. Roy then went on to be President/Owner of R.E.M. Properties, and Surveys Unlimited. He was also CEO/Owner of Roth Sign Studios, Inc. Roy was just warming up for his greatest civic/business accomplishment, providing the Nordonia Hills students, and all children, with a safer school environment!!

1622131_592160830869526_884346241_nWhile serving two terms on the Nordonia Hills School Board, he recognized that something had to be done to assist first responders with pre-plans and blueprints of our schools in an effort to provide our children with a safe environment in which to learn and play. With the help of local first responders, EMA Directors, school officials, and many meetings, Roy took the first step in the year 2000 by making our schools a safer place and reduces valuable time in the event of a crisis. But, he didn’t stop with that first step. He took off running. After much research, Roy and his son Chuck recognized a tremendous void exists in the pre-planning, response capabilities and mutual aid for multi-agency effectiveness as it relates to significant facilities in our communities. They identified high-risk buildings such as schools, large public or private venues such as airports, malls, sports complexes, hospitals, nursing homes, court houses and other government buildings as the most vulnerable. They needed a solution for the above concerns.

Roy along with his son, Chuck working together, came up with a solution and they developed a new program called Securing Our Students (S.O.S.) This patented standardized, colorized, navigational system and technical resources helps to mitigate response weaknesses. With rapidly accessible, accurate plans, facility layouts, and grounds/property overviews, incoming responders can make quick, safe decisions on the deployment of personnel or removal of those in imminent danger.

The S.O.S. Solution:
1275219_531882610230682_1553773819_oS.O.S., a PATENTED, Colorized Navigational System from Foremost Safety Solutions Inc. It’s a pre-planning technology and service that takes the interior layout and the exterior site plan of school buildings, airports, malls, and other identified high-risk structures, and makes them “responder friendly.” This system maps every floor in a school or other identified building. The mapping will show every door, every room opening, and other critical information needed by First Responders.

579045_592164850869124_719193435_nThe buildings are “zoned” and colorized for immediate recognition of the affected area. Furthermore, the mapping will show the buildings as it relates to the overall property, clearly identifying critical features of interest to responders, along with an aerial view and an overall site plan.  It will identify key Knox boxes for exterior door access, depict room numbers, electric panels, phone switching rooms, utility shutoff locations, and even indicates directional “door swings” for every door to aid SWAT teams and others when planning for action. Also, custom information is available at the click of a mouse, such as digital photos, virtual touring, and emergency procedures, including the School Crisis Management Manual required by HB-422.

In addition interior and exterior colorized signage that are installed in hallways, room interiors, exterior doors, and windows which allows for easy visible identification of a room numbers colorized zone and pertinent identification data needed by First Responders in the event of a crisis. The above critical information data is made available on-line at both the emergency dispatcher station and in first responder vehicles by using SpotOnReponse Technology via cell phone, tablet and computer.

Roy and Chuck had to get the message out to schools, public and first responders about their new S.O.S. safety program to help make our schools safer.


Roy approached Northfield Village Police: Chief Mark Wentz and myself, about a plan on how to provide safety for the students while they were in the Nordonia school buildings. He had just formed his own company Foremost Safety Solutions, Inc. and a program called Securing our Students (S.O.S.)   Meadows needed a Police/Fire department (Northfield Village, Northfield, Macedonia & Sagamore Hills came to the rescue ) to institute a mock disaster for his fledgling (S.O.S.) prototype program to make a promotional video.

With the help of Ray Szuch a 4 time Emmy nominated, 3 time Emmy winning producer along with his students and soon to be actors, Nordonia high school students and the Nordonia community, they started to work. After two days filming and much work behind the scenes, the Mock Disaster Video was completed.

Click for website:

Foremost now needed a safe and secure method to provide this critical information to First Responders and school officials. Roy and Chuck sought the help of Dr. James Morentz a technology consultant and founder of SpotOnResponse also he was one of the minds behind the creation of FEMA, to bring the information sharing mobile technology geared toward providing First Responders with critical information needed in the event of a crisis.


Foremost Safety Solutions Inc. and the S.O.S. Program, a Patented, Standardized, Colorized, Navigational system can now download blueprints, site plans, aerial photos, street views, crisis management plans, critical infrastructure information on a PASSWORD PROTECTED database using the Homeland Security UICDS/XchangeCore. This real time information can then be shared using a SpotOnResponse mobile app and web application with first responders and school officials, etc. to form a secure interoperable two-way cloud network via cell phone, tablet and computer.

In the event of an emergency, First Responders, teachers, and school officials can use the two way interoperable applications to communicate and get instructions from local law enforcement, as well as provide First Responders with the School Crisis Management Manual and information about what’s going on in the school. At the same time, local law enforcement and First Responders can use the application to get patented color-coded blueprints (S.O.S.) and critical information of the schools to better navigate through the area in the event of a crisis.

This technology is vital to provide our children a safe environment in which to learn.

To show his gratitude to the Nordonia School District for allowing the district schools to be the testing ground for this system, Roy and Dr. Morentz installed the S.O.S. safety program in ALL NORDONIA SCHOOL BUILDINGS AT NO CHARGE! This system has since been tweaked and improved, and now is implemented in hundreds of schools across the country.   The S.O.S. Program is explained in the videos provided by Channel Five reporter Ron Reagan:

Please join Roy and write a letter to your politicians demanding they do something now.

He continues to fight for ALL SCHOOLS by providing a further blanket of security when students go to school. Mr. Meadow’s legacy will forever be as an advocate for children, and their safety.

To date, Foremost Safety Solutions’ Securing Our Students (SOS) Program is installed in hundreds of schools throughout the State of Ohio and Pennsylvania, providing our children a safe and secure setting, where they can learn and play, knowing help is only seconds, critical seconds away.
Whether it’s through The Foreign Exchange Program, the numerous Nordonia Hills civic groups, and now the Foremost Safety Solutions Inc., SOS Program., He is Dedicated to Community Safety, Roy Meadows has been a public advocate for the community, and its kids! The Nordonia Hills News, honors ROY MEADOWS as our Hometown Hero!!


An open letter from Roy Meadows to all politicians:

No greater challenge exists today than keeping our SCHOOLS, citizens, responders, and work places safe. These challenges require our community members, parents, all government bodies, and emergency responders to work together and build a culture of preparedness in our society. With never ending threats our schools are most defiantly soft targets to attack.

Our governments are requiring more & more every day for our schools to comply with requirements that they have put into law. However as of now they haven’t been or aren’t willing to provide monies to our schools so they can comply, our children are at risk.

School administrators want to make our schools a safer environment for our children to learn. But they need resources to obtain funds to enable them to adhere to these requirements.

 Every time I attend School Safety Seminars, and see media releases on school safety, all they discuss is what has happened in the past in our schools. Isn’t it about time that we start to discuss what we are going to do IN THE FUTURE to make our schools SAFER FOR OUR CHILDREN. Let’s quit talking & take action now!

Grant monies that were available have all been depleted or cut by our State & Federal governments.

When are our politicians going to wake up and see that this is a very serious & critical situation that are schools are facing and do something?

I WOULD LIKE TO ASK OUR POLITICIANS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. If elected president what would they do for the following:

#1…Provide our children a safer environment to learn.

#2…Make much needed funds available to our schools.

#3 …Form a SAFETY TASK FORCE COMMITTEE made up of parents, first responders, school administrators, etc. to study and come up with solutions to make our schools safer.

The United States is one of the richest countries in the free world & it is a shameful that our politicians can’t come together to find a way to fund our schools to provide a better education & a safer environment for our children.


We feel strongly that our S.O.S. Navigational System will be a forerunner in the industry and help set a Standard in the future.” In simple terms…Saving time can save lives! Please let your voices be heard write your Congressman today.