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This is the statement that was read by Macedonia Police Chief Golden during the Macedonia Council meeting (10/12/17)  clarifying his position (and that of the Macedonia Police Department) concerning the Rita Darrow for Council advertisement. The advertisement was taken down.

Recently, I was made aware that Rita Darrow, candidate for Macedonia Council, used a picture of the two of us in a campaign ad that was displayed on several internet sites.  This picture was taken years ago at E.J. Thomas Hall during a Nordonia High School graduation ceremony, not recently as she would have you believe.  Next to the picture of us was written “I support our safety forces.”  Ms. Darrow did not have my permission or the City’s to use that picture in her campaign ad and has been advised to cease and desist accordingly.  

Because of Ms. Darrow’s unauthorized and improper use of a picture of a me in uniform, next to her words “I support our safety forces”, her distributing this without authorization to several places on the internet, and the entire message being a complete distortion of facts at best, a response is necessary.  This campaign ad is misleading and a lie.  I want to be clear – Despite what Ms. Darrow is trying to portray with this picture, I do not support her in any way, shape, or form!  In fact, Ms. Darrow has refused to speak to me for several years now since the City Police Department charged a person close to her.  Additionally, as a result of that incident, Ms. Darrow called my officers “liars.”  And, on May 3, she posted on Facebook that “I told my friends and family, if I am headed out of this world in Macedonia, do not call 911, I’d rather die.  Now that is sad, as a resident here.”

NO!  In my experience, Rita Darrow does not support the safety forces!  This was demonstrated when she was on Council, by her actions, and by her words.  Her campaign ad is just another lie, this time to garner votes.  This is the same Rita Darrow that residents VOTED OFF Council several years ago because of all the lies, in-fighting, and controversy.  I sat during numerous Council meetings and witnessed first hand Ms. Darrow, Ms. Hanneken and other members of Council attempt to paralyze the City and bring it to a halt, which would have been devastating for our Safety Forces who are simply trying to protect and serve our Community.  This is just one of the reasons every City union unanimously refused to endorse her the last time she ran for Council and still refuses to endorse her today.

Jon Golden
Chief of Police
Macedonia Police Department