Photo By Rob Doty

By Victor Milani

When the FBI came out with their edict that Hillary Clinton did nothing criminally wrong in their email investigations, it shocked many people. NOT ME! Look at the behind the scenes scenario. When Former President Bill Clinton met the day other with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, on a tarmac for private jets, it was more than a coincidence. I’m sure that signing of Kevin Durant to the Warriors was not on the agenda. One could only surmise a deal might have been signed and sealed that if Hillary gets off yet another legal hook, Ms. Lynch more than likely will get another four years as Attorney General when (and if) Clinton gets in. The amount of evidence against Hillary was seemingly indefensible on her part. The Benghazi debacles, the shady Clinton Foundation dealings, and now this email fiasco where private, national security information was compromised for all to see on her private email! The appearance of a bribe, as Donald Trump is now claiming on the part of the Clinton’s to Attorney General Lynch, has crossed many minds since the announcement. There may be not “criminal wrong doings,” but the FBI did say she was “CARELESS WITH VITAL INFORMATION PERTAINING TO NATIONAL SECURITY.” You think?!! How many legal hooks are the Clinton’s allowed to wiggle from? Most average American’s would have numbers across their chests and photos of them at the post office for the dirty deeds they have done. Hillary now gets escorted around the country on Air Force One as President Obama jets her to campaign stops on taxpayers dollars. Air Force One costs about $200,000 AN HOUR to operate by the way. Ms. Clinton promises to reimburse us for the usage. Don’t hold your breath for that check in the mail anytime soon.

In life and politics, appearance is everything. Does it appear yet more backroom/private jet meetings between Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch led to this decision? Does America want someone who is CARELESS with national security information?. Is the Clinton’s track record for telling the truth a myth? There may not have not been technically no FBI criminal wrong doings on Hillary’s part. Unfortunately, STUPIDITY and being careless carries no jail time!  This isn’t to proclaim Donald Trump as being honest and pristine in his dealings either. The mocking of a handicapped reporter was disgusting. His regard (or lack of) for minorities and women is well documented. Once again, the race for President comes down to one picking their poison. The lesser of the two evils. I can’t advise or tell anyone who to vote for. The facts speak for themselves. The choice is yours. This is still America!