Photo By Victor Milani

By Victor Milani

Rosemary Barrett, 59 of Macedonia, the former fiscal officer for Fire District 27 (now defunct) was charged with further undocumented/unauthorized misuse of credit cards from 2012-2016. Barrett, who was charged and pleaded guilty in January of 2018 with a fourth-degree felony of theft in office totaling $10,172. She was given three years probation and ordered to perform community service, To date, she had repaid $2,499, while working fish fries at St Guadalupe Church in Macedonia as service time requirements.

State Auditor Dave Yost released a report Tuesday that now raises the amount of credit card misuse to $12,048 in personal use and expenses while reporting $10,639 in expenses having lacked support documentation to substantiate District 27 charges.  The report also holds Barrett liable for $1,952 in late fees and finance charges on the unpaid balance. The new amount of recovery from Ms. Barrett now stands at $24,639. The findings have been turned over to the Ohio State Attorney General for possible additional charges. When, and if recovered, the $24,639 will be divided equally between Northfield Center and Sagamore Hills, who formed Fire District 27 during the time in question.

Calls to Northfield Center Finance Director Andy LaGuardia and Sagamore Hills Fiscal Officer Scott Gale were not returned by publication posting. Pages 2 and 3 (Audit-Fire District – final) of Auditor Dave Yost report highlights the findings and his report.