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By Victor Milani

About 1:15 am Tuesday morning, Northfield Village Police responded to a report of a female that had passed out in her car in the parking lot of the Gyros Restaurant on Northfield Road. Upon arrival, NVPD found a female slumped over the wheel, frothing at the mouth, with a four year old child in the back seat. Both were unresponsive to verbal commands. The officers had to break the car window to gain entry into the vehicle to ascertain the condition of the female and the child. Northfield Village Fire Department was also called to treat both the mother and child for heat exhaustion. They were treated with fluids, and refused transportation to a hospital. Both mother and child were taken back to the Police station where a urine analysis (toxicology) was taken for testing.  Results have not come back as of yet. The results could take a few days. Charges pending against the female are OVI/Physical control, and child endangerment. The mother and child were released to her ex-husband. Nordonia Hills. News will have further reports and the Northfield Village Police body cam footage of the events as they unfolded soon.