Joseph Migliorini

By Victor Milani

Former Macedonia Mayor Joseph Migliorini was INDICTED in The Portage Common Pleas Court from charges stemming from an incident that happened in Streetsboro on August 6th 2018. Migliorini entered the home of Keith Wilhelm in a stealth and deceptive manner (technical legal term: BURGLARY) according to the indictment. He entered the home to confront his ex-girlfriend, Heather Leigh Bradley, reportedly about a car she had borrowed from Migliorini. Upon that confrontation with her, he had violated the terms of a Florida Protection Order that disallowed the two engaging in any contact with each other. That confrontation resulted in his violating the PROTECTIVE ORDER. The Burglary charge is a 2nd degree felony, while the violation of the Protective order is a 3rd  degree felony. The common pleas case will be heard on October 15, 2018 at 11:00 am. See court documents here and here.

Joe Migliorini stated in an exclusive statement to Nordonia Hills. News: “This court hearing on October 15th is an opportunity for me to plead NOT GUILTY. I can not appear, or make any comment at that hearing, as it is Ex parte.  When this case does go to trial, the truth will come out, and I will vindicate my name.”

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