By Victor Milani

On Friday night, a little after 10:00 pm. an elderly man was observed walking down Rt.8 in front of the Hard Rock Rocksino. Minutes later, the man was found lying in front of the Ford Plant in Walton Hills, having been struck by a vehicle, unresponsive. Northfield Village Police officer Patrick Puzzuli, first on the scene, administered CPR as did an  EMS aide from The Hard Rock. Walton Hills Police was also on the scene, which technically occurred in Walton Hills.  The  Northfield Village Fire/EMS was dispatched to transport the victim to Bedford Hospital, where he died from his injuries. A short time later, a person came to the Northfield Village Police station, saying “he might have hit someone on Rt. 8 earlier”. The person was transported to Walton Hills Police, who are handling the investigation. He was released but remains a person of interest to Walton Hills Police. The investigation continues.