Former bank/possible new Northfield Center Town Hall 9447 Olde Eight Road

Northfield Center July 1st Meetings By Victor Milani

Northfield Center Trustees and Committee members met Monday to discuss several zoning and boundary changes. (These are noted in the link below). The topic of the Spitzer property deal being finalized with Northfield Center was also open for public dialogue. Many residents continued to rally against the sale due to traffic, wetlands, and nature preserve issues. Northfield Center Trustees stated they did all they could legally at this point, but to continue with this case could cost millions in a potential losing battle. At this venture, it seems that this is a moot point. Even though there is no mention of the big box suitor, it has been rumored that Meijer Superstore might be the tenant.

The move of the current Town Hall, and possible purchase of the First Merit Bank opposite the Library was also discussed. The vacant bank would serve as the newly revised Town Hall.

In the meeting they approved a resolution of necessity to levy additional taxes for the purpose of purchasing the parcel and facility at 9447 Olde Eight Road, the structure on which will be used as the Township’s Town Hall/central operating facility. This is the first step in getting the resolution on the ballot in the fall. There were several issues and dialogue as what to do with the current Town Hall.

My crystal ball, tells me that the Northfield Center Safety Committee is entertaining bids for Police coverage. My personal history with this process while I was Mayor, indicated this would result in other towns being used as a bargaining chip to keep the Summit County Sheriff cost in line. Mayor Nick Molnar and Macedonia have NO INTEREST in being a party to this potential bidding war. Northfield Village and Sagamore Hills were not available for comment. I do know that due diligence will be shown to listen to any offers. I also know how much the Northfield Center residents, as well as the Trustees are happy with the current arrangement with the Summit County Sheriff.

All of the documents referred to in the meeting are here.