By Victor Milani

The Northfield Village/Macedonia Ledge Road project is moving along, but not without some issues. Yesterday, Northfield Police Chief John Zolgus issued a statement:

“Ok, because of people still not getting the hint about Ledge Road and the meaning of no through access or local access only, starting tomorrow Ledge Road will be CLOSED 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Officers will be turning people around unless they are going to Lee Eaton, day care, the Service Department, and of course residence who need to access the road to get to their house. If you go around the signs, officers will ticket any violators – no exceptions! Sorry, we tried to be accommodating, but it did not work out!!!”

The exceptions to this mandate are: traffic to Lee Eaton, the day care, and residents living within the construction zone.  Unfortunately, some drivers were ignoring the signs, and there were a few near head-on accidents. There have been at least twenty citations written to drivers who have ignored the signs, and attempted to cut through. Chief Zolgus can’t understand why motorist can’t understand why “LOCAL TRAFFIC ONLY” isn’t being adhered to. Northfield Village now has a 0 tolerance in place to any violators of the signs, and drivers are being questioned periodically where they live, and where they are heading. Chief Zolgus said these efforts are to maintain safety in a school zone, and not punish drivers. Unfortunately, the project won’t end until late August.. at the earliest…