This morning, there was a minor accident at the intersection of Springwood and Olde 8 between a school bus and a car, according to District 27 Fire Chief Frank Risko. The bus was turning south onto Olde 8 heading to the Nordonia Middle School to drop off 24 children. At the same time of bus turning, a car heading south hit the front left side of the bus. Due to a previous call for District 27 to handle a motorcycle accident, mutual aide was called from Northfield Village and Macedonia. Rescue squads took two children to a Twinsburg ER for neck pain, while the remainder of the 22 children were transported to the middle school. Parents were immediately notified, and no further medical attention was necessary according to Risko.  Summit County Sheriffs and Northfield Village and Macedonia squads remained on scene until all the children were secured with their parents. Some children did complain of headaches, and were taken home by their parents. No one involved was seriously injured. The accident happened while road repairs were being made to Olde Rt.8 to  complicate matters. Stay tuned for any further updates.