Photo of Macedonia Community Room from archives

By Victor Milani

The Nordonia Hills Seniors Center Group has congregated at the Northfield Epitthany Church in Northfield Center recently. They were advised their Seniors Group needed to change their meeting place by June 1st because the facility will no longer be available. The three communities (Northfield Village, Northfield Center and Sagamore Hills) each paid $3,000 annually for the rental of building for one day a week.  Macedonia wasn’t being billed for the usage, as their senior residents have been going to the Macedonia Community Room, in the downstairs of the City Hall for their “out to lunch bunch” festivities. Macedonia Mayor Joe Migliorini contacted Sagamore Hills Trustees, and Northfield Center Trustees to offer the city’s community room as an option. Northfield Village Mayor Jesse Nehez was not contacted. Macedonia would offer the Seniors three days a week usage of their community room: MondayWednesday, and Friday. Non-Macedonia residents would pay $4.00 per lunch on Monday and Friday, with all Senior members paying the standard $3.00 they are currently paying on Wednesday’s. Migliorini stated he would seek out sponsors to help subsidize the cost of the lunches for the group. Sagamore Hills Trustee DePasquale in his letter (see attachment) said this consolidation of services would enhance the opportunity for a grant to help defray the costs. Sagamore Hills voted to accept Macedonia’s offer this week, although Nordonia Hills Senior Board Administrator Pauline Kubic was not questioned what their preference was.

Northfield Village Mayor Jesse Nehez, Northfield Center Trustee Paul Buescher, Sagamore Hills Trustee David DePasquale and Senior Board Chairperson Pauline Kubic met with Northfield Event Center Owner Howard Shafron to tour his facility in Northfield Village on Monday. The three community representatives toured the Macedonia Community room earlier in the day, although Mayor Migliorini and MS. Kubic were not present. Other options that were being explored were another church, as well as the VFW. Sagamore Hills Trustees voted to accept the Macedonia offer at their meeting on Monday night. Senior Board member Ms. Kubic said her group isn’t a political group, non-confrontational in nature, and will go where officials tell them.

Northfield Village Mayor Jesse Nehez is upset he was not afforded a call or an offer from Macedonia Mayor Joe Migliorini. Mayor  Nehez and Northfield Center Trustee Buescher feel the Nordonia Hills Senior group should have had more input in the decision as to where they hold their weekly meetings.  Nehez attended the Senior Groups meeting on Wednesday and asked for a show of hands who wanted to remain in the  Northfield/Northfield Center area to hold their weekly event. He said his informal survey indicated the majority preferred not going to Macedonia. Northfield Village and Northfield Center have not voted on whether to accept the Macedonia offer, an offer Mayor Nehez has said he never received a copy of.  Both Nehez and Buescher have indicated they just want what the Senior Group prefers. If Northfield Village and Northfield Center don’t agree with the Macedonia offer, they may explore other options for the Senior Group.  If all communities agree, they would pay $3,000 each annually.