By Victor Milani

Northfield Center Trustee Paul Buescher was in route to Massillon Friday when he was involved in a car accident in Lawrence Twp. The crash, videotaped on Buescher’s mounted dash cam, shows the other car going through the intersection without looking. Buescher had no chance to slow, and rammed the Chevy Cruze at 50 mph. Buescher’s new truck, with only 2100 miles on it, was able to drive the truck back to Northfield Center, sustained about  $7200 in damage.  The Chevy Cruze was propelled roughly 30 feet upon impact. Miraculously the driver of the Cruze incurred only minor injuries (bruised elbow), while the other occupant in her car, had no injuries. Buescher, who wasn’t injured, ran to the damaged vehicle and ripped the door upon to free the driver. The driver of the car admitted fault in the accident.

See pictures taken after the crash and the actual crash from Buescher’s dash cam: