Northfield village fire department raises just $12,000.00 for MDA

By Victor Milani

The Village of Northfield Council meeting this past Wednesday was one of joy and clarification. The joy occurred last Friday when the Ledge Road project came to fruition with both east and westbound lanes being opened. The joint effort between Macedonia and Northfield was completed a month before the project October 28th completion date.

Clarification was made as Northfield residents received their first invoice from Waste Management, the new Village rubbish collectors. The rubbish will now be picked up on both east and west sides of town on Tuesdays, beginning next week. The new bill of $40.50 is a slight increase from the previous garbage providers. The confusion, which resulted in over 80 calls to Mayor Nehez and the Service Department, was the question of being allowed to use your old garbage cans, or mandatorily use the new containers provided by Waste Management for free. Seniors were not initially given cans, due to their names being on another list. Eventually, the senior residents received their cans this week as well, and people had their garbage issues resolved. Any further questions can be answered on Monday by calling Lisa Rodriguez at 330-467-7139 ext. 10, or your councilperson.

Ptl Matt Grams and Warren Olesinisky were promoted to the rank of sergeants by the Northfield Village Police Department. Chief John Zolgus and Mayor Jesse Nehez gave them their oaths of office on Thursday night, as their family and friends gathered into Town Hall for the ceremony. Good luck to both fine young men! More info and picture here.

All ordinances on the agenda passed as well.  See the Police Department Report and the Fire Department Report.