See the Engineer's Report for info about the Houghton Road Project

By Victor Milani

Northfield Village Council met this past Wednesday night. After the previous two meetings got somewhat out of control, this meeting was business as usual, with no fireworks, or the need for police to control.

The meeting’s lone diatribe of out of the agenda format (see agenda here), occurred when Councilman Keith Czerr, outspoken in the past two meetings (see the last meeting here), responded to Councilman Hipps observation from last meeting that Czerr is always looking out the window during meetings. Czerr answered he gets bored at times during the meeting.

The reports from the Department heads, agenda and legislation (which all passed) are below. Then you will see the council meeting video. Warning, there was technical difficulties, but if you keep watching it corrects itself!

See details of the drug bust from earlier this month here.

And here is the UPDATE to the story!

Fire Department Report

Engineer’s Report