Village of Northfield Council Meeting

By Victor Milani

Northfield Village Council met on Wednesday night to approve of the 2019 budget. With a carryover in the general fund of roughly $3.2 million dollars, The majority of Council voted in favor of passage. The dissenting NO votes came from Councilors Gary Vojtush and Keith Czerr. The two cited their no votes based on not enough money appropriated to the parks for new apparatus and improvements. The two stated the last time the parks were addressed was with the previous administration. Vojtush stated “The Village should be doing more for the children and the parks. It’s a disgrace having over $3 million dollars in carryover funds, and allow the parks to look run down.” Czerr stated, ”The fencing at Smith Park and basketball hoops have been in disrepair for years.” Czerr has asked for the bird’s nest giant slide to be removed at Smith Park as well, stating the kids go up there and drink, smoke and draw graffiti. He said he personally has found used condoms there as well. Mayor Jesse Nehez comments that all these issues will be addressed in a five-year plan to upgrade both of the parks.” Huntington Park this year will have a new $46,000 paved parking lot and walkway. We will install and repair park benches through donations at both parks.” The parks will be an ongoing work in progress.

Also on the agenda was legislation to increase the pay of the winner of the next Mayor’s race in fall from $35,000 to $40,000. A health insurance package will be included as well. The Mayor’s status as full or part-time was not designated, this would remain the same as is. The current Mayor can not give himself a raise, thus the Mayor of record as of the new term beginning January 2020 would receive the raise.  Council was seeking a raise from the current $400 to $500 per month. This raise would go into effect in the new term in 2020. The legislation went on first reading and will go three readings for public comments before being voted on by council.

All other legislation on the agenda below was passed. See the agenda here.