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By Victor Milani

The honeymoon period of harmony between Mayor Nehez and at least three members of Northfield Village Council has hit a bump in the road. For most of his tenure as Mayor, Nehez has enjoyed a good rapport with most members of Council. The exception has been outspoken member Gary Vojtush, who was censured earlier this year for a tape recording indiscretion. Vojtush has long viewed himself as the ombudsman of the people, asking questions his constituents have requested. At times, the questions have been uncomfortable for the administration to answer, in the manner in which  they have been asked. The Mayor now has had a very public difference of opinion with his choice of Northfield Village Police Chief. Nehez would prefer Sgt. John Zolgus, and had wanted to appoint him as the new Chief, replacing former Chief Mark Wentz.  At least three members of Council, Vojtush, Jim Daughtery and Jen Domzalski preferred going in a different direction, with either Lt. Jamie Mackie (the Officer In Charge since Wentz left in October) or perhaps Cleveland Hts. Captain Geoffrey Barnard, the third finalist who has very strong credentials.  Mayor Nehez, seeing the Chief’s appointment for Zolgus wasn’t going to be confirmed by the four votes on Council needed, made Zolgus the new Officer in Charge, replacing Mackie. In a move to pay Mackie his back wages for his duties as the officer in charge, Mayor Nehez put in legislation for Zolgus to receive the office in charge wages he now has afforded to hm with the title. It sounds simple enough, but another glitch occurred, when  some Council  members questioned why other departments aren’t receiving the second in command wage, a higher pay rate when they temporarily do the duties of their department heads. Usually soft spoken Council President Nick Magistrelli editorialized his views of how some members are addressing the raise of pay issue. The meeting from last week’s Northfield Village Council session was video recorded by NordoniaHills.News and is linked below.