Owner Emil Gamidov is proud to announce the opening on his seventh Onxy Health Club 24/7 in the Northfield Summit Plaza. It will replace the space formerly occupied by Red’s Fitness. The Northfield location will be the largest in the Onxy Health Club  chain so far, with 18,000 square feet, when the remodeling is completed by February.  This will be a full service gym/health club, with access 24/7 to all users of the facility. Personal trainers will be available  for any instruction or guidance on all health/workout matters. Parents can also bring their children into the Kids Zone, an area in which the children are watched while they can workout. Shower facilities  will also be available.

The unit is currently open while undergoing remodeling and rebranding into an Onyx site. There are currently two week trial passes available, and Northfield Village residents may get special pricing in their memberships. The tentative grand opening date is scheduled for February 1. For further information, call 234-808-4224. You can check them out also on facebook, Onxy Health Club 24-7 Northfield, or their website, www.onyxhealthclub.com.