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By Victor Milani

Over the past few days, there has been an outcry from owners of the condos in back of the Northfield Plaza about the parking issue opposite them coming the North Isle Apartments. From N. Plaza West to the back of the Plaza, cars have been parked on the side of the apartments at various hours and times, making it difficult for the Condo owners to pull out of the driveway into the street. The issue was that cars were having difficulty navigating the backing up from their driveway, when cars are parked directly in back of them, on the apartment side. Nordonia Hills. News addressed the issue with Mayor Jesse Nehez and Police Chief John Zolgus who responded quickly to the problem. To alleviate the issue, there will be 15 MINUTE PARKING only signs posted along that stretch (N. Plaza west to the back of the Plaza) ON THE APARTMENT SIDE OF THE STREET. One sign went up Tuesday, with another to follow today. The Northfield Village Police, now that the 15 MINUTE PARKING only sign is posted, can and will enforce it.