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By Victor Milani

A Sagamore Hills youth was shot Monday afternoon about 4:36 pm while weed whacking a property on N. Boyden Rd. in Sagamore Hills. Allegedly, a group of fellow juveniles were driving past the teen, when one emerged from the car with a high power air rifle. The rifle went off, and the teen was struck, and went down. He was transported to Metro Health where he remains with a wound in his the abdomen caused by the pellet which eventually  lodged in his back. He will stay in a few days to recover from his injuries. The shooter was allegedly apprehended a short time later. The victim and shooter allegedly know each other from school. The reasoning for the shooting (accidental or intentional) is under investigation by the Sagamore Hills Police. Due to the juvenile status of all involved, we can not divulge the names.