Victor Milani
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By Victor Milani

As a former Mayor of Northfield, I hated election time. It’s when all the gossip, rumors, innuendo, and basically BS is spewed. I lived it for fourteen years in public office. But as if the saying in the movie The Godfather, “It’s the profession we have chosen”.

Even though the Macedonia election is for a levy passage, it has taken a turn toward ugly. Pockets being lined, and misuse of funds are being bandied. Certain people claim because Nordonia Hills. News posts advertising in favor of the levy, we are somehow aligned with Macedonia. Does this mean that the weekly News Leader, who has also posted advertising for Macedonia, is also under the spell of Macedonia? You will find in the Ohio Check Book, far more money goes to the News Leader, than Nordonia Hills. News! When Sylvia Hannken posted advertising with Nordonia Hills. News in the last election for Mayor, did it mean we endorsed her?  No, she paid for the advertisement, and we don’t endorse anybody! We would post anti-levy advertising as well, as long as it was paid for. We even  go so far as to allow readers to comment pro-con opinions on the levy advertisement. You will never see that in the News Leader!

The parent company of NordoniaHills.News is Spider Cat Marketing, a firm run by my partner, Julie D’Aloiso. That is a total separate business from Nordonia Hills. News. I don’t work for SpiderCat, of which I have no fiscal interest. Like the News Leader, and other media outlets, our money is derived through ADVERTISING. That’s how we pay ourselves, and our  bills. The City of Macedonia is an advertiser of ours, and pays the same rate as any other business. We simply provide the same format of advertising service as the newspapers, except in digital form. SpiderCat Marketing has worked on the Macedonia web site and Julie D’Aloiso simply posts what information she is given to put on the site. She doesn’t create the information.

Personally, I resent any implications that I am under anyone’s spell or puppeteering. Those who know me to be very opinionated are correct. I have always had my own mindset, good, bad or indifferent.  Trust me when I say it would take more than a few advertising dollars from anybody to sway my opinions. My father, the iconic N. Arch Milani had a saying,”MARCH TO THE BEAT OF YOUR OWN DRUM”. This drum can’t be bought!