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By Victor Milani

Six months after erecting a permanent sign at the Nordonia High School, Summa announced they are backing out of the remaining seven years of their ten-year contract with Nordonia Hills School District. This was a $55,000 annual stipend from Summa to the Nordonia Hill B.O. E. That decision will leave a void of $330,000 in money that has been appropriated for auditorium renovations and athletic funding/improvements. This shocking revelation comes at a time when the Nordonia Hills Board Of Education announced they will be putting a levy on the November ballot for school security measures, among other improvements the Nordonia Hills Board, already facing a five year spending deficit, makes the upcoming levy passage more vital than ever.

“We are deeply disappointed with this decision,” said Superintendent Dr. Joe Clark.“ After three years of our district working hard to meet the requirements of the contract, it comes as a shock that Summa has ended the partnership so suddenly. We are also shocked that they would work with us, and allow us to pay for, the construction of the large, lighted monument sign knowing they were going to end the partnership. The sign is permanent and was installed less than six months before they told us they were going to cancel the contract. We are dismayed by this turn of events and skeptical about the timing.”

All funding for necessary improvements intended to be paid for with the Summa sponsorship will now have to be taken from Nordonia’s general fund. These projects include updates to the district’s athletic facilities and auditorium, some of which would improve student safety and security.

“The partnership was not just for our athletic fields, but also for our theater,” said Clark. “We were looking to use the money to renovate the entire auditorium and replace the turf at the high school. Making other upgrades or completing general maintenance to all of our athletic facilities are now going to be a challenge.”

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