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By Victor Milani

Comments from Former Ward B Councilman Jim Daughtery aimed at current Ward B Councilor Keith Czerr were heated, to say the least during this Wednesday nights Council meeting. Daughtery said he was upset and embarrassed by Czerr ’s antics caught on a Northfield Police body cam during a domestic dispute involving Czerr. Daughtery said he viewed the video and saw nothing wrong in the manner that the Village Police handled Czerr or the situation. Czerr claimed that his handcuffs were too tight and that his shoulder popped when the Police put him in the back of a police cruiser. Daughtery stated Czerr should step down from the bench, and that many of his comments are anti-government.  Czerr said he is sorry Daughtery feels this way and didn’t mean to offend anybody. Czerr stated he wants the police to respect the constitutional rights of residents, and be treated with respect. Czerr claims there are other residents who have been treated unfairly as well. Czerr said he has no intention of stepping down from the council position, that Daughtery should run again in three years if he wants his position back. C

zerr later in the meeting inquired about painting safety lines at all Northfield crosswalks for the safety of children, seniors, and bikers.  Village Engineer Rich Wasosky stated that all stop signs and lights in the Northfield would have to be relocated to follow mandated guidelines where crosswalks are designated. The request for that, as well as new curbs for Ward A (tree streets ) at a cost of $29,500, was put into a work session. Councilor Czerr also suggested that instead of turning their neighbors in for grass length violations, that they do the neighborly thing and cut the neighbors grass for them.

For further information from the meeting, please the meeting in its entirety below: