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By Victor Milani

Businessman Emil Gamidov, citing negative feedback from the Mayor Nehez Administration, has canceled plans to develop an Ultra Bar, hookah themed lounge proposed to locate in the previous Dolphin Restaurant. The proposed facility, when first announced by Nordonia Hills. News was met with negativity from residents, as well as the Mayor. He later downplayed the hookah aspect of the restaurant to be only 10-20% of the operative.  Gamidov has since canceled his 6:30 pm special meeting with the council and the Mayor that was originally scheduled to explain his business plan. Instead, Plaza Owner Howard Shafron told Nordonia Hills. News on Tuesday, that he WILL ATTEND the 6:30 pm meeting (before the regular council meeting) to answer any questions concerning the Plaza.

UPDATE! Howard will not attend!

Nordonia Hills. News will be present to videotape the meetings! Below is Gamidov’s news release announcing the cancellation of his new business.

Click to see Gamidov’s original news release when it was being called the Colosseum.

From Emil Gamidov:
Small businesses need many things in the city to grow and be successful. However, what they need most from their city government is a seat at the table, and a Mayor that truly listens to them and their needs. Small businesses are being squeezed by a rising lack of affordability for them and their workers, a host of regulatory changes, and increasing competition. They need a city where basic services are delivered efficiently, where their businesses are accessible to workers and customers and where they feel supported, not forgotten or marginalized.

Unfortunately, within the Village of Northfield, I have personally felt the lack of support from the Mayor and his team. While trying to bring an upscale family friendly restaurant/ lounge to the community, I was quickly ridiculed for the type of business coming to the village rather than greeted with support. I saw an opportunity that this community lacked and wanted to bring a place that would give patrons an enjoyable relaxing, yet upscale environment to attend to. After jumping through hoops and receiving minimal support, I am no longer interested in opening another small business within this community. After all, this country was built on small businesses!

Additionally, I have not only noticed the lack of support from the mayor from a personal standpoint, but also other business owners within the community. This is not how you keep a small community bound. It seems to me that rather than offering a supportive solution or recommendations or even asking the business owner himself what he has been doing to better the plaza, people would rather point fingers and speak derogatory towards this individual. I am referring to Howard Shafron who is the current owner of the Summit Plaza. Howard and I have a good relationship and he has been a great landlord for my business. Every request or want gets handled within an appropriate timeline. I continue to read facebook comments from the residents of the city throwing low blows and criticizing everything Howard is doing. It is such a shame and I would love to see one of them in his shoes. It always looks simple from the outside… I drive through this community almost every day and would say that the entire city is in need of improvement and cleanup. So stop the pointing fingers and trash talk and do something to help this community rather than sit behind your screen and complain!

Emil Gamidov