By Victor Milani

Many people have inquired where has former Mayor Vic Milani been?

After taking a position with Nordonia Hills.News, in the capacity of Vice President, I returned to my journalistic/photography roots. My late sister Kim Milani Masseria, my father N. Arch Milani and I founded the Nordonia Hills News Leader in the early 1980’s.  Kim unfortunately got cancer, just when the newspaper was making a profit. Her health didn’t allow us to continue, having sold to Record Publishing. After a brave and courageous battle with cancer , she passed away. I took her to her chemo and radiation therapy for years. I saw and suffered with her as the chemo and radiation treatments ravaged her body and soul. Little did I know then, I would be faced with the same adversity years later. I lost my sister, friend and business partner the day she succumbed to the dreaded disease. My family never got over the loss as Kim was the life of every party.

I have been blessed with a great family, especially my late father N. Arch Milani, He was a Purple Heart Veteran, Sun Newspaper newspaper executive, photographer, councilman and Mayor of Northfield. I tried to emulate my father as much as I could. He was( and is) my hero.

I was fortunate enough to become the Cavs, Coliseum photographer as well as a free lance photographer for Belkin Productions. I served Northfield Village for 14 years, two as a councilman and twelve as Mayor. I ‘ve had my share of adversity as well over the years with health issues, and a horrific injury to both quads in my legs. My dad instilled in me it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up.

In my position with Nordonia Hills. News, I enjoyed shooting high school sports. When my legs weren’t 100%, former Nordonia athletic trainer  Jeff Kime would assist me to a position to shoot with a golf cart. Jeff was a great trainer, and even better human being. Today I still work with NordoniaHills.News in a consultant capacity. In fact the past few months I have had at least 6 articles a month!

In late 2017, I didn’t feel right, and knew something was wrong. After a battery of tests, I was found to have bladder cancer. The BIG C. After confirming the grim news through University Hospitals and eventually the Cleveland Clinic, I was given  50/50 chance of survival. I told very few people as I didn’t want sympathy. I needed time to fight this disease with my family.  The aggressive nature of my treatment of chemo, radiation at the same time made some days unbearable.  I thank God for my team of great doctors at the CLEVELAND CLINC who encouraged me to DON’T GIVE UP. I prayed  to God to let me live. The power of prayer, and my wife and children wouldn’t allow me to give up.

Last Monday, a received the final results of the drug keytruda and BCG injections. I AM CANCER FREE! I will need to be tested every three months for a few years, but that pales in comparison to the alternative of not being here!

I thank my wife of 32 years Irene, and my 3 children Nick, Sammy and Katie. My wife took me to every treatment, and Sammy would aide me in transport. I’d like to thank the great team of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic and Hillcrest Hospitals. They all displayed the patience of a saint, while dealing at times with someone (ME) who wasn’t an angel. I’d like to thank the few friends I confided in and prayed for me.  There is chance, as is with all cancer, this could rear it’s ugly head again .You never know what tomorrow might bring. Live every day like it’s your last and to the fullest.

Give your kids and loved ones a hug and appreciate today, I have no idea what my future holds be it politics or internet related. I will continue to rehabilitate  my legs, and get in shape. I just thank god I’m living to have options. Thanks. The journey continues!!