Victor Milani

By Victor Milani

Usually when you hear the phrase “’tis the season”, one expects to hear the next line “to be jolly”. Unfortunately ’tis the season during the election period, is followed by “to be gnarly”! Being joyful is one of the emotions that aren’t shown until the campaign comes to an end.

It’s sad when candidates can’t defend themselves against unsigned, midnight mud literature that is shoved in boxes the night before an election. Neighbors turn against each other due to a difference of candidate, or levy opinion. Unfounded comments can be made simply be adding the term ALLEGEDLY before each derogatory embellishment of the truth. Decent, honest people ask themselves when considering running for office, why do I want to subject myself or my family to this madness?? Why open my family to be attacked in social media, or my children heckled in school?

Personally I’ve had to put a restraining order against a certain former disgraced councilman who got his jollies tormenting my elderly parents. The same former councilman spews his lies and character assassinations against me in the last two campaigns, both in losing efforts against Mayor Nehez. Unfortunately it’s open season on all politicians entering the political arena. Even when you, the pristine candidate, assume you have nothing in your personal closets, great fiction authors/writers/shine suddenly!. Those against you can create unfounded rumors without fear of retribution.

Personally, I have dealt with these antics for over 50 years, including my late father N. Arch Milani’s campaigns. You almost become numb to all the curt comments about weight, using a walker to be mobile etc.I had no idea that running marathons, or running 100 yard sprints is a pre-requisite to be a mayor. When I first ran, for Mayor back in 1999, it used to be asked, CAN YOU RUN THE TOWN ON A SHOE-STRING? The answer was yes as I performed my duties for 12 years. You can’t always tell a book by it’s cover.

I see a surprising few candidates running for office, although the deadline is weeks away. I will always encourage those people who want to improve their town to run. Be warned it may not be fun!

Editor’s Note: The deadline for filing is August 7th.

The official results so far for Macedonia and Northfield Village:

City of Macedonia
– Mayor: Nick Molnar
– Council: Kevin Bilkie
– Council: Shane Barker

Village of Northfield
– Mayor: Jesse Nehez
– Mayor: Jeffrey Keith Czerr
– Council: Scott Czerr
– Council: Jenn Domzalski
– Council: Gary Vojtush

There may be others that have pulled petitions offline. We will keep you posted!