Victor Milani

By Victor Milani

In the decodes that I have campaigned for both my father, N. Arch Milani, as well as myself for Northfield Village Public office, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge on the dissemination of literature and the pressing of the political flesh on the campaign trail.

In the past I have wrestled with these questions while passing out material.

  1. Would the voters prefer to be left alone after work, and on weekends instead of hearing some politician pitch his thoughts to get in, or remain in office. I assumed so as their  vote being private?  I’d prefer to place the literature in their doorway, or mailbox arrow.
  2. I’d rather have a public debate where voters that have questions and want to attend, can do so. NOT FORCED TO! As long as a unbiased moderator runs the show, there are usually few issues.
  3. Social media outlets such as Facebook watch, podcasts and websites are now great means of getting the word out. Twitter and Instagram makes for quick coverage of events.
  4. Newspaper advertising and direct mail for politician is becoming too costly for most budgets. It does not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars for literature that will seen once (if it even makes it in the house and not lost in the ditch).
  5. If the literature is not signed, it should be viewed as garbage. If you can’t sign the letter, your admitting your not accountable for the content.
  6. For our senior citizen friends any public debate will be records and posted online for public viewing. This makes it possible for them to see what is going on without leaving their home.

Times have changed the way we campaign and vote. I recently have been cleared of cancer, A TRUE BLESSING! I  am being inducted in The Nordonia Hills Hall of Fame in the Community Leaders Division this fall. Thanks for appreciating my contributions since 1997. I happily join my cousin Kenny Chorba, Uncle Silvio and my dad N. Arch Milani in the Hall of Fame!

I’d like to hear from you if you feel that I should try to run again for Mayor. Call me 330-389-0698. Email me at For your input: Good bad, or indifferent. Petitions to be put on the ballot must be filed on August 7th. Thank you for your consideration.