Nordonia Hills.News unfortunately has to post many stories of drug overdose and despair in the community. Here is a positive piece, in is own words, by Nordonia Hills resident and businessman Tim Maxam Jr. on his winning the battle with his demons!
By Tim Maxam Jr.
“I use to be over there, now I’m
Over here….17 months clean today ! It’s not always easy but always rewarding! I’m certainly a work in progress. I’m grateful that I’m remaining open minded which comes from thinking I know something that I don’t about this disease of addiction that I deal with based off my past, and where that sort of thinking got me. There’s no finish line in recovery, my addiction is like the terminator.. it doesn’t and won’t stop, and as long as I continue to work my program which is key, and not put one in me, it’s impossible for it to have any kind of power over me ! I was only able to dream about being in this position for many years ! Ill never forget where it is I came from, I’m grateful for the choice I have today, that no matter what I don’t have to pick up !!! No matter what !! Grateful today ! Grateful for my family, my friends, and my program that admittedly I need to dig into a little harder !! Looking forward to this coming year … where I stand today is only the beginning of where I see myself !! I’m committed, focused, hungry, and my dreams are ALL alive and well !!
God Bless !!!!!!
Thank you !!!”