Joseph Migliorini
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By Victor Milani

Former Macedonia Mayor Joe Migliorini (see related post here regarding his resignation) has a warrant out for his arrest following an altercation at a private home in Streetsboro Monday night. Nordonia Hills.News has acquired the official reports so far on the incident. The reports are as follows from the Streetsboro Police Department.

According to Streetsboro Police “On the evening of Monday, August 6, 2018 at 11:00pm, the Streetsboro Police Department received a report of an unwanted male at 9863 Creekside Way.  When officers arrived at the home, they spoke to a female and the male homeowner.  The female told officers that she was visiting her friend when her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Migliorini, walked into the home uninvited and began yelling at her and calling her names and chased her onto a patio.  When the female told Mr. Migliorini she was going to call the police, he left.  She explained to our officers that she had obtained a no contact order against Mr. Migliorini during an incident that occurred in Florida.  Officers confirmed there is an active “no contact order” out of Palm Beach County Florida.  After consulting with a prosecutor, charges were filed against Mr. Migliorini for Burglary (third degree felony) and Violation of a TPO (third degree felony) and a warrant has been obtained for his arrest.  He was contacted and advised of the warrant and advised to turn himself in.”

Attached is a copy of the incident report.

Streeetsboro Police Media Report

Here is the 911 call (click on green arrow):