By Victor Milani

As you all know by now, the Macedonia Levy failed Tuesday, 1388-1214. There is no sense in ”Monday morning quarterbacking” the reasons for it’s failure. In speaking with Fire Chief Tim Black, the 27 year old aerial truck they had wanted to replace, will be run until it no longer can be serviced, parts found for it, or be operated. When it can no longer run, they will have to tone out mutual aide to Twinsburg, Oakwood or other surrounding communities that have an aerial truck. They can’t afford a new aerial truck. Police Chief Golden states the radio dispatch service can’t be upgraded, and there will be no staffing additions. Services offered by the Service Department will be cut back to the bare bones. Leaf pickup is just one item that is on the immediate chopping block. Mayor Joe Migliorini has instituted a hiring and purchasing freeze, with only bare essentials being appropriated. These were all discussed as being possibilities before and during the levy campaign. They are now the reality. The Mayor is obligated by law to operate a balanced budget. He is famous for the “robbing Peter to pay Paul” saying. It seems Peter and Paul having nothing left to take.  

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