By Victor Milani

Nordonia Senior quarterback Robby Levak has seen the highs and lows of Nordonia football these past years. Last year, Levak and the Knights endured a miserable 2-8 record. This year has been a remarkable turnaround to an 8-1 record going into Friday night’s game against rival Twinsburg! The Knights have secured a playoff berth this season under coach Jeff Fox and his staff with their remarkable season.  Robby became the all-time leader in passing yards in Nordonia history: 6,840. He also has the most completions in Nordonia History, 817 completions career and for some reason, the record books didn’t update his single game 32 completions vs. Wadsworth in 2017.  According to his proud father Randal, Robby couldn’t CARE LESS about the stats. He just wants to WIN football games and has a wonderful future ahead of him!!!

“I am most proud of my son for the fact he pays no attention to stats. Last year, they were losing and he gave his 100% effort that wasn’t enough.  At the same time- Nordonia has a RICH history and these accomplishments overcoming the negativity of last year- is actually incredible to me”.  Nordonia Hills. News looked up Robby Levak’s MAX PREPS career stats, and see that he’s thrown for 6800+ and run for 1600+ in his career and reality set in on his incredible career. That’s over 8400 yards career. He’s overcome turned, sprained ankles and even a severely sprained right shoulder. Robby Levak should be proud… but not because of his football accomplishments – but rather his tenacity and perseverance. Good luck Robby Friday night against Twinsburg, and in the PLAYOFFS! ROBBY LEVAK…NORDONIA PROUD!!

All Photos by Sam Milani