By Victor Milani

There has been talk and speculation lately as to what is happening in Walton Hills concerning video radar monitoring. The past few weeks, an unmarked vehicle has been running radar throughout Walton Hills to gauge the speed limits, and areas in which violations occur.  The report, according to Mayor Kevin Hurst has resulted in five roads, Egbert, Dunham Sagamore, Alexander and Walton Rd, that will have pole mounted video radar enforcement. The criteria for ticketing will be that cars must be going at least 15 miles over the posted 35 mph before a ticket will be registered. Signs will be posted at each of these side roads warning drivers of the video camera surveillance.  Police Chief Stan Jaworski will review all video violations, and make a judgement at that time. The fine will be $100, and can be paid in person, charge card, or internet. Presently, violators will be given a warning, but in the third week of March, the tickets will begin to be written. The system is being set up by the same firm that operates the Lindale, Ohio video speed enforcement. Mayor Hurst says that these are now legal, after being deemed illegal earlier in court. Signs will also be posted coming into, and leaving Walton Hills. Tentatively, no video radar surveillance will be on Northfield Road.