By Julie D’Aloiso

The village is accepting bids for some water damage on the south wall of the town hall. They accepted a bid from West Roofing for $12,500 for caps for the roof.

Fire Chief Jason Buss did get bids back for the new fire station, they chose Baker Bednar Snyder & Associates, Inc. for Architectural and Project Consulting and Administrative Services for the Fire Station Addition and Renovation Project They sold their old ambulance, some other equipment and office furniture on for $2,100. New ambulance is now in service.

There were 7 new hires on the agenda. The main reason for this is that there is a new law that will take affect August 1st. The village will no longer utilize EMT’s. MGM Northfield Park is subject to the Ohio Racing Commission laws and now require the village to have paramedics instead of EMT’s. There are currently 3 or 4 employees that are EMT’s and they have been offered assistance to achieve more training.

The Houghton project is on track. They are hoping to get the concrete down soon. ODOT is working on the Old 8 catch basins.

Fire Station Project. The fire department has changed quite a bit since it was built in 2002-2003. They did not have full time fire-fighters at that time. They were staffed 8-5. Now they are full time and have more vehicles. They currently staff 3 people 24/7 and on race night they have an 3 additional people. The current fire house was not designed with dormitories and sprinklers. They are also in need of a new replacement fire truck and there is no room. The current bays are only 60ft deep. If the purchase a 3/4th of a million dollars fire truck, they can leave it out in the elements. In addition to renovating the fire house, included in the new plan is to purchase a modern Tornado siren to replace the current from the 1950 ‘s. This time they are planning for the future and did a survey of their current and future needs. MGM does plan on building a hotel and the village will need a ladder truck.

More information can be found here in the fire department’s report.

The Police department’s report is here.

All of the ordinances on the agenda were approved. You can see the agenda here.

For all that happened in the meeting, watch the entire meeting video below.