Paul G. Buescher


#529  FRIDAY APRIL 27, 2018


Due to ongoing road construction, Olde Eight Road, South of Twinsburg Road will be CLOSED next week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9AM to 2PM each day.  Motorists are advised to plan accordingly. 



Normally I do not comment on elections outside those occurring in Northfield Center Township.  However, I have to make an exception after reading this week’s NewsLeader.  An article appeared titled, “Gun control, opioid crisis discussed by candidates.”  The article reported on a recent candidate for Summit County Council event in Akron.  

On gun control, several comments were made by the candidates including the following from challenger Cynthia Blake: 

I would support looking at legislation about gun shows, about sawed-off shooting weapons.”  She also stated, “I would look at legislation for us to make laws for gun shows (and) better background checks on mental illness.” 

Since Blake is running for Council, I would think that she would know the limits of the Council’s authority and the subjects that are brought up for debate. 

“Sawed-off shooting weapons?”  What’s that about?  I have never heard of a sawed-off weapon of any kind being used in a crime in my memory.  In addition, these weapons, as well as machine guns, have been outlawed on a federal level since 1964! 

Blake wants to “make laws” as a County Council representative.  County Council does not have the authority to make laws, only the State Legislature and Congress has that authority.  Council can only enact ordinances, which is an ordained act under the State Legislature.  That’s where the word ordinance has its roots.  Either way, Council cannot enact any ordinances contradictory to what federal law allows. 

I do not know nor have I met Cynthia Blake but it is crystal clear that she is way out of her league and has no business running for County Council.  Candidates who are this ill-prepared for the office they seek are a danger to all of us and should stay out of the public realm! 


“What is the speed limit on Olde 8 between Valleyview and Rt8? The only sign is Southbound by the old cemetery at Valleyview that says reduced speed 35mph ahead.”  That is the question recently asked and the following is the answer:

The speed limit is 55 MPH!  We went through this in this newsletter back in 2009 and again in 2013.  Any county road, which Olde Eight is, that does not have a posted speed limit between intersections is 55 MPH.  There is only one exception to this and that is when any school speed limit signs are lit.

Please note that when you are southbound and approaching the Valley View intersection, there is a sign that states, “Reduce speed to 35MPH.”  

On that portion of Olde Eight, it makes no difference in the direction of travel except for the southern most portion of the roadway, which is in Northfield Center.  In that portion, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office and the Highway Patrol are the only two entities that can enforce the speed limit. 

All speed limits in Ohio fall under the context of “Prima Ficie.”  Simply put, our speed limits are not etched in stone.  Instead, they are variable according to road conditions.  You CAN get a speeding ticket for doing the speed limit if icy and wet conditions present a hazard.  You can also receive a ticket on the freeway for going too slow and creating a ‘wolf pack’ (backed up traffic).  The list goes on.  The bottom line is USE COMMON SENSE! 

And by the way, just as an FYI …. Let’s look at Brandywine Road, which is also a County Road, between Rt. 82 and the Boston Heights line …. The center yellow line divides Sagamore Hills and Northfield Center.  Sagamore is on the Westside and Northfield Center is on the Eastside.   The Sheriff can issue speeding tickets to anyone speeding on either side.  However, Sagamore PD can only issue tickets on their side of the road and they can only do that if they clock the speeder from their side of the roadway.  To do otherwise, they would be out of their jurisdiction.  This subject has come up in the past so I just thought that I would mention it.


Q >>> – In the fall the fire hydrants were replaced. The one in front of my house they didnt back fill that good the pipe under my driveway is almost covered .Also when drivers and mainly the garbage truck always turns the corner they drive off the road.  Is there something we can put along the road to mark the road? On the other corner closer to olde 8 they have white markers. Let me know what we can do to get this cleaned.

A >>> – I passed on your complaint to our Service Department for their investigation and follow up.  Hopefully, they will be able to clean up the mess that the Cleveland Water Department left, AGAIN!

Q >>> – What was all of the hoopla about last Friday on Timberlane?  There were Sheriff cars and a whole line of other cars?

A >>> –  All that I am authorized to state is that it involved a “suspicious death.”

Q >>> – Paul, I heard a rumor that the convenient store, next to Speedway on Olde 8, was recently robbed. I was waiting, but didn’t see anything on the news. Any info?

A >>> –  The store is located in Sagamore Hills and all that I’ve heard is that there was an attempted break in.

Q >>> – Does Northfield Ctr Twp. or Summit Co. have a site where a resident can obtain a free radon test kit?

A >>> –  As far as I can find out, the answer is NO.  The kits were available for free from for a while but they were all claims and have no more available.

Q >>> – Is there a map or diagram that would show the worst flooding areas in the 44067 zip code?  I was planning to move back into the area, but have seen several flooding discussions on your site.  I wanted to be as proactive as possible in selecting a home.  Wetlands and Mother Nature can wreak havoc if they have been displaced.

A >>> –  I couldn’t find any for the 44067 area code.  However, I put one together for you for Northfield Center only based on flooding events for the past 18 years.  I hope it helps.



The Township needs to negotiate a settlement with Spitzer on the property they want rezoned. Developers usually win litigation of this type and could receive a large damage award. We can not afford to defend this situation on property that could not be developed as currently zoned.

[PAUL’S NOTE]  We’re working on it!

Thank you,
Paul G. Buescher
Northfield Center Twp. – Trustee