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#535  TUESDAY JULY 24, 2018



Last Wednesday, July 18th, the True North (Shell 14 E. Aurora Rd.) gas station at Route 82 and Olde Eight Road was robbed.  At around noon that day True North employees were readying a bank deposit when a masked male entered the store brandishing a handgun.  He ordered the personnel to give him the deposit bag and then ran on foot to an awaiting getaway car on Pomona Avenue behind the station.  The car was described as a small white vehicle.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Detective Bureau, their investigation revealed that this was not a random robbery.  The male robber was the ex-boyfriend of the female store manager.  He has been arrested and charges are pending against the store manager.  A third suspect has been identified as the getaway driver and charges are pending against him as well.

According to Detective Mike Coughenour, the male suspects from Cleveland have very lengthy records and have other pending warrants against them, including parole violations.

As usual, our deputies and the Sheriff’s Detective Bureau were right on top of this case.  In fact, Sheriff Steve Barry himself, who was in our Township at the time of the robbery, was involved in looking for the getaway car.

There’s more to this incident but because it is an ongoing investigation, this is all that I can share with you at this time.


Q >>> – Wondering how many tickets have been issued by the sheriff department for overnight parking in Brandywine Preserve, especially on Deep Creek Circle since someone complained and you were passing on the complaint?  I have been complaining to our association for years without any success to get the cars off the street, as they don’t mover for days. It is especially dangerous in the winter as the plows cannot plow the whole street and cars have to maneuver around this corner with icy streets.  Hope the ticketing of vehicles is happening?  Thank you

A >>> – The Sheriff’s Deputies issued “Warning” parking tickets in response to the complaints.  Unfortunately, actual tickets cannot be issued because the streets are private.  I talked with one of your Association Board members and passed along information that might be helpful.  This included a suggestion that your Board adopt binding rules in the Association’s bylaws that would convey the power to fine violators of the parking rules.  Many associations have adopted rules like this and they have held up in court.  I’ve also heard from some that flagrant violators and those who refused to pay were forced to sell their condo and move.  On the flip side of this issue, I know that there are only a handful of ‘guest’ parking spaces available throughout the area.  It’s obvious that the builder crammed as many homes into the area to enhance his profit margin but neglected to provide adequate parking for guests or those with several vehicles in the family.  In my opinion, this is the root cause of the parking problem.  Perhaps the Association can look into this as well.

Q >>> – I heard on the grapevine that somebody over in the Americana homes (on the other side of Bayberry) is putting out poison to kill the raccoons, possums, skunks. I had a skunk that died in my backyard recently and so did my neighbor. Is this illegal? I think it’s horrible to kill wildlife like this. These animals are what people are coming to our national park to see. Can’t something be done? Pets and even children could get into the poison. Thought you would like to know.

A >>> – Putting poison out to kill animals is HIGHLY ILLEGAL and VERY DANGEROUS.  If you know who is doing this, they need to be reported to the Sheriff’s Office immediately.  If you are not comfortable reporting it directly to them, give me the information and I will be more than happy to be the ‘bad guy’.

Q >>> – I have a question for you, I’m hoping you know the right way of dealing with this. We had a plumber come out and replace our water heater with a tankless, apparently, they never pulled a permit and when I spoke to the county they said they aren’t licensed for Summit.  The county said that as a homeowner I can pull my own permit but I need to submit an affidavit. The affidavit says that I am taking full responsibility for the work and that I am performing it myself.  I’m not… so at this point, is my only option to go after the contractor? If the contractor refused what sort of long-term issues would we be dealing with if there is no permit for the work?  Doesn’t seem fair to put it on the homeowner, but ultimately I guess it falls under the list of things you don’t know until you know.

A >>> – After asking around for you, I found out that basically speaking, any inside work is covered under Summit County permits and outside work is covered under our Township.  If you have any questions whether a permit is required, you are encouraged to contact our Township zoning office.  They will be happy to guide you through the process.

You mentioned going after your contractor.  Why?  Because of not obtaining a permit or did he botch the job?  In my opinion, if the job was done to your satisfaction, I would just leave it alone.  If there was a problem with the work then I would contact the Summit County Consumer Affairs and report the contractor.

Q >>> – I was wondering who is in charge of the Jason Rees memorial park around the corner from us on Beacon Hill? There is a small wasp nest inside the roof on the Jungle gym.  Also, regarding the park- have swings ever been considered to be added? If there was another donation or fundraiser, would swings be permitted anywhere on that lot?

A >>> – Our Service Department is in charge of all of our parks.  I’m happy to report that the wasp nest was removed the day after I received your email.  We are currently discussing the future plans for the park.  Nature has taken its toll on the basketball and tennis courts.  We are sure that the basketball court will be repaired but due to the $15,000 to $20,000 repair estimates for the tennis court, we are not too sure what we are going to do in that case.

Q >>> – I am appealing to any and all of you who can provide me with the contact information for the jurisdiction responsible to maintain the corner of E.Twinsburg Rd and Walters Rd that has the tall overgrowth of vegetation in the drainage ditch. There are known line of sight issues at the intersection and someone is responsible to fix this. The City of Macedonia has done what they can assist me, but the overgrowth is not their responsibility.  Please for the safety of those who travel that intersection help me.

A >>> –  We hear this same complaint year after year.  The jurisdiction responsible for the maintenance is the Summit County Engineer’s Office because E. Twinsburg is a County road.  We brought up this complaint to the Engineer’s representative at earlier Trustees meetings this year.  Hopefully, this problem will have been resolved by the time you read this.

Q >>> – Hi Paul, anyone in your circle or someone you know about willing and able to relocate a skunk that has taken up residence under my enclosed front porch?  It digs a hole, I block it off; it digs another . . .  any thoughts?

A >>> – I suggest that you contact our Township office and ask them for the list of recommended trappers in our area.

Q >>> –  Is a permit required to re-roof a home?

A >>> – Yes.  Please contact our Zoning Office for more information.


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My husband and I heard that thunder strike that happened on July 3rd. Fortunately, all of our electronics are fine but everything went out. It reminded me of two years ago when our transformer across the street was hit and fried our furnace. What a scary event!


Hello Paul and Rick . .  Just a note to say “Thanks” for the new duck crossing sign!  All we need now is a strategically-placed ‘speed bump’ to slow down those west-bound speeders who think the Beechwood Dr. ‘cut-thru’ is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!  Actually, last week, within a 20 minute span, the Sherriff’s Dept nailed 2 or 3 speeders on Beechwood . .  too bad they couldn’t be there 2 or 3 afternoons in a row as the speeders have returned. Thanks again for the sign!


Thank you,

Paul G. Buescher

Northfield Center Twp. – Trustee