By Julie D’Aloiso

Mayor Molnar’s Arbor Day Proclamation – Arbor Day is April 26th.

Speedway Entrance
The city has been working with Speedway on Rt 82 and Freeway Drive in regards to a safety issue. Some vehicles east bound on Rt 82 are illegally turning directly right into Speedway. Speedway will be installing a larger “pork chop” at the entrance and is paying for this project. It should be addressed by the end of the summer. The city has decided not to install the posts that were originally in that area before the RT 82 construction because they are difficult to maintain and keep clean. In the mean time, the police have been policing the area.


All ordinances on the agenda passed except for the ordinance relative to the Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. It is only on its first reading. See the agenda here.

Valley View Construction Project

One of the ordinances authorizes the city engineer to prepare plans, bids and specifications for the Valley View Reconstruction Project. A segment of Valley View Road (highlighted in red on the map below) will undergo reconstruction this year between Highland Rd. and Twinsburg Rd. The city is receiving a 90% loan with 0% interest. The city will pay $100,000 upfront, and pay back the loan at $44,000 per year over 20 years.

Service Department Report

The service department will auction off some of its decommissioned vehicles soon. They are getting rid of cars, a fire command vehicle and the old 95′ aerial fire truck.

Click on this link to watch a Facebook video with Chief Ripley and learn about our new fire truck that should be arriving in June of this year!

Spirit of Macedonia Funfest is June 6-9th this year. It is jam packed with many events for all ages! Click here for more info.

Mayor Molnar’s Update
For information about some businesses that could be coming to town and some road projects, watch this Facebook video from Mayor Nick Molnar (click here for video).
In the video the mayor talks about three restaurants that could be coming to the area.

Planning Commission Meeting
In the planning meeting on April 15th (see agenda here), a new building is proposed in Macedonia Commons near Cinemark and Home Depot. It is a dual tenant building. There are current talks with Aladdin’s and 5 Guys to occupy those two spots. There will be more parking spots available for this project because Cinemark plans on implementing luxury style seating which would reduce the number of people that could attend a movie at any given time.

Preliminary plans received conditional approved at the same planning meeting for a new building to be constructed for IHOP between Kohl’s and Chili’s in the existing parking lot area in the Macedonia Commons. The big sticking point is the not just the fact that the roof will be bright blue in color but the architectural style does not conform to the Western Reserve Style required for new buildings in Macedonia (see related story here).

Spruce Hill Crossing Phase III received conditional approval for 37 new lots. They need to adjust their plan that was submitted to have no more than 6 lots per acre.

Stay tuned for updates on these projects.