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Written by Chris Ramos

It is no surprise that we live in an age of convenience, as technology speeds up the world around us. On some days, it can leave your head spinning, as the next innovation lurks around the corner.

That touch of convenience, that next gear of speed, that innovation, has become deeply rooted in our TV Entertainment and our music. Consumers are presented with numerous options when it comes to watching TV Shows and Movies, as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are at your service. When it comes to putting your earbuds in and losing yourself in the rhythm of music, Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal are also at your service. Not too shabby.

These services aren’t the future, they are the present. They have introduced themselves wholeheartedly, as streaming continues to grow by the day.

When we look into the pleasure of listening to music, we see that the manner has been revitalized repeatedly over the years. Whether it was the stroll from vinyl to digital, or the shift from cassette player to cellphone, music can be enjoyed in various ways which is a testament to the transcending art.

From my middle school days of relying on Grooveshark (rest in peace) and Pandora Radio to my current Spotify account, I have been within the music streaming realm for some time.
Streaming music changed the digital music scene, as you were given the keys to an array of content. You could search up any song that your mind stumbled upon within seconds. Not to mention, with Spotify creating playlists based on your frequent listening as well the ability to share playlists with other users, the entryway for new discoveries keeps plenty of eyes wide. Furthermore, with the possibility of a voice control feature coming to Spotify, in which a driver can easily communicate their desire while tending to their important responsibility of driving safely, music streaming pushes forward with another step.

In fact, a Los Angeles Times article written by Randy Lewis this year stated that:

“It’s a streaming world in the music business, lest anyone still had any doubts. Nielsen Music’s first-quarter figures for music consumption bear that reality out solidly, with numbers that show on-demand music streaming up a whooping 35.2% in the first three months of 2017 compared to one year earlier.”

A titan such as Apple could no longer turn a blind eye to the trend, which led to the spawn of Apple Music. Google Play Music offers music and podcasts for your satisfaction.

However, it isn’t all so bliss, as artists have stressed concern about compensation regarding their work. Jay Z manifested these concerns, as Tidal came to fruition in 2014, which was to serve as a beacon for that proper compensation. Sprint bought a 33 percent stake in Tidal at the beginning of this year.

When we turn our attention to the visual art of cinema and gripping television series, we see an interesting end result too. Aside from the Netflix binge watching which garners confessions of guilt, promising to step away before hours elapse, television series are oriented to your own schedule. Although live TV establishes that classic cliffhanger for the next episode, streaming enables a viewer to cut to the chase. Tablets and cellphones allow constant access, which is utilized extensively in environments of controlled chaos such as airports.

Economically speaking, a person who is tending to several matters throughout the day may find it cheaper to simply rely on streaming services as their source of entertainment rather than keeping cable. Sport fanatics will feel otherwise, but for someone like me, who isn’t fixated with the sports world, the transition is easy.

It is important to keep in mind that if your wi-fi begins to falter, then Mr. Kubrick will have to wait.

Netflix Originals prove to be a pleasant surprise, and can serve as a launching pad for aspiring careers in television and/or movies. Amazon Fire Stick will generously entice you with plenty of new movie releases, and as Hulu presents “Hulu with Live TV”, streaming services are beginning to display versatility. Helping their cause are the sleek Smart TVs which allow the applications of these services to be downloaded.

The idea of endless content awaiting your command is somewhat overwhelming, especially because it seems as though we’re glued unto the bright screen enough to begin with. Study hall in school could be a bit more social rather than all headphones and occasional glances. Sure, watching a movie on your laptop in your room won’t beat a trip to the theater where you are shaken by an authoritative surround sound system and greeted by the familiar scent of popcorn. You can’t beat that classic trip to the movies, but that isn’t the intent.

The intent is convenience. Too convenient? That’s for you to decide.