Renews pledge to fight for affordable health care with his first bill of 116th Congress

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Dave Joyce (OH-14) re-introduced his bill from the 115th Congress to protect patients with preexisting conditions. The Continuing Coverage for Preexisting Conditions Act of 2019, which is Dave’s first piece of legislation in the 116th Congress, would ensure that those with preexisting conditions are protected if Obamacare is found to be unconstitutional or invalid. Representatives Mike Turner (OH-10), John Katko (NY-24), Anthony Gonzalez (OH-16) and Jamie Herrera Butler (WA-3) have all signed on as original cosponsors of the legislation.

“I’m proud to make my first piece of legislation in the 116th Congress one to protect those with preexisting conditions,” Dave said. “I have always believed that no American should ever be penalized by or rejected from health insurance coverage because of a preexisting condition, and I look forward to continuing my efforts to ensure they are able to access the quality health care that they need.”

Individuals with preexisting conditions can face several problems accessing private insurance including whether they are offered coverage in the first place, if they must pay more for their coverage because they have preexisting conditions and whether the offered coverage actually includes the health services that would treat their preexisting conditions. Dave’s concern over these unfair challenges facing those with preexisting conditions was the cause for his no vote on the American Health Care Act last Congress.

“Preserving protections for individuals with preexisting conditions is a main focus of mine as I continue to work with my colleagues to replace the failing government-controlled health care system with one that makes health care more accessible and affordable for all Ohio families,” Dave said.

Specifically, Dave’s legislation protects these individuals by severing the following five clauses from Obamacare, safeguarding them from legal challenges: 42 USC 300gg, 42 USC 300gg-1, 42 USC 300gg-2, 42 USC 300gg-3, and 42 USC 300gg-4.