It’s been a year since our fire district was disbanded through the efforts of the Sagamore Hills trustees.  Amid their insults and disrespect,  and with no support from those trustees, we took pride in getting the best training and being committed to offering the residents first rate fire and EMS service. Our reward was knowing we were instrumental in saving lives and in being thanked and shown the appreciation of many of our residents. We earned the respect of the residents and of other chiefs and firefighters throughout Summit county, with three of our firefighters being awarded Summit County Fire Fighter of the year.

I stand behind the well qualified and committed men and women who served on my department one hundred percent. We were a family, there for each other and there for anyone else who needed us.   

The trustees would have residents believe we were disbanded because it was financially better for the community and residents. They said it would cost less and yet, now are asking for a levy because they are actually spending more money. 

They claim Kim Griner, a resident who is distributing literature saying to vote no for the fire and EMS levy, has incorrect information. Well, by their own admission, they are spending more now than when we had our own department.  They also warn us that in two years they will once again be putting another levy on the ballot for an increase in tax dollars.

Thank you, Ms Griner for taking it upon yourself to watch how our tax dollars are being spent and for trying your best to keep the trustees accountable. 

Let’s get real.  The double talk has to stop. 

Frank Risko

Sagamore Hills Resident. 

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