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Mayor Migliorini did a despicable thing, he was wrong and resigned. See related story.

I am glad he is seeking help and I am sure this was an isolated incident, and not a pattern of behavior. I feel bad for everyone involved with this, including Joe’s family.

Mayor Migliorini was the leader of this town, and should have know better. The shame, disappointment, and embarrassment that this situation has brought onto Macedonia is for Joe Migliorini to bare, and he has addressed it, and it is time for everyone to move forward.

His legacy and the good he did for Macedonia will endure and he should not be judged by or any of his acts and good deeds diminished by this one indiscretion.

Anyone trying to take political advantage of this situation should be looked at with skepticism, their agenda questioned, and their demands unheeded. The situation is handled, and the lone person involved has moved on.

Nick Molnar has become the Mayor and Jan Tulley will take over as the President of Council. A search will be conducted to fill the now vacated council position.

The 4 members of Council, along with Mayor Molnar will meet this Thursday, July 12th at 6:00 to discuss the parameters and process of appointing a Council member to fill Nick Molnar’s remaining term.

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