Subject: Letter to the editor

I have lived in Sagamore Hills since 1988.  I used to bring my grandchildren to Sagamore Hills township meetings to show them how our community was being taken care of by trustees who were elected by the people who live here.  Trustees who were elected to represent the residents.  Through the years and until recently, we trusted them.    They seemed happy, friendly always greeting you with a handshake and a smile.  They were one of us.   That certainly isn’t the way it is now.   Why did that change? Why were we lied to?  We were told time and again by the trustees that disbanding our own fire department was supposed to be more cost effective, save us money, and give us more than we had before.  Now we’re being asked to approve a levy for EMS and Fire because they say they need MORE money.  Not only that but they announce that in two years they will be asking for even more money with another levy.  Then, they attack the one resident, Kim Griner, who takes it upon herself to check their numbers, to call them out for not keeping their word, for a lack of diligence in signing unauthorized expenses on the credit card.    Kim Griner isn’t working tirelessly, with little support or thanks, to profit herself in any way, but to protect our tax dollars and to hold elected township officials to a standard  that  their elected office demands. 

JoAnn Risko

Sagamore Hills Resident