Dear editor,

I am a new resident and I would like to tell you why I’m voting yes on Issue 20. I see all departments really need it, but I see why the service department needs it the most. While the roads are getting fixed because of issue 3, this issue will keep them safe and clean after they have been fixed. I don’t like paying taxes as much as the next one, but I can see why this tax is needed. The buildings and equipment are in bad shape and seem to not have been updated in a long time. I can tell you from living in other cities I can tell when the service department is lacking what the need when the weather is bad.
My girlfriend has kids that go to the Nordonia schools and I know this issue will help keep a cop i the school. I know that a cop in schools will help keep peoples mind at ease because of prior school shootings around this country.
I’ve heard what the fire departments ladder truck looks like and even though it looks nice on the outside it has a damage on the bottom of it from rust. And the equipment in the truck is just far out of date. I’ve heard of the suggestion of calling in trucks from the surrounding areas in case of emergency and why that’s not all ways good. Other cities could be out on a call or they could just plain tell us no. So to me that does not sound like a good reason to go by that method.
In conclusion even though I’m a new resident I plan on staying here for the for see-able future. So I would like to continue to see this city to go forward instead of backwards. That’s what I see this issue doing, so please vote yes on issue 20.