Macedonia Mayor Joseph Migliorini Resigns Effective Immediately (VIDEO)

Editor’s Note: This is a prepared statement from Joseph Migliorini. 

I have addressed you, the residents of the City of Macedonia, hundreds of times as an elected official of the City, where I have had the chance to meet many hard-working and dedicated individuals who make Macedonia a place we can fondly call home.

Serving this wonderful Community has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life.  Over the several decades that I have served the City and its residents, I have had a vision of growth and prosperity, and worked tirelessly to help the City achieve new heights during my time in office, both as a member of Council and as your Mayor.  My experience and continued vision is what inspired me to return from retirement, as we needed to restore financial stability and maintain good leadership in the City.  While those in public service know that it at times can be a thankless job and often requires around-the-clock efforts, I can unequivocally say I have cherished my time guiding the City’s development, both literally and figuratively.  Every action I have taken as Mayor was a step towards what I thought was best for the City.

As you may know, or will come to find out, an allegation has been made against me regarding a personal issue several weeks ago in the State of Florida.  The matter is still pending, and I therefore cannot comment at length about the specifics of the situation.  The United States’ maintains the fundamental concept that all individuals are innocent until proven otherwise.  However, I am addressing you now because I wanted to personally apologize to each and every one of you for my conduct and the embarrassment that I have brought upon Macedonia.  I should have never conducted myself in this sort of way, and such action cannot be condoned.  I was hoping this would remain a private matter, and that I would have the chance to finish many of the City’s important projects, but that is not to be.  I want to thank all of you who supported and put their trust in me, and I am truly sorry to have disappointed you.  I am currently receiving counseling to ensure this will never be repeated.

With that being said, and while my conduct had nothing to do with the City of Macedonia or the Office of the Mayor, I am aware that the allegation has begun to negatively impact the good name of the City, its employees and its residents.  The allegation has likewise impacted my family, including my children.

While I believe that I can continue to fulfill my official duties pursuant to the Constitution and the Charter of the City of Macedonia, and would endure whatever personal pain may be required to continue to serve as Mayor, I must not act selfishly, but rather for the greater good of the City, and out of respect for my family, children and grandchildren.  I cannot and will not let the allegation be a distraction from the important business of the City.  Therefore, to the Council of the City of Macedonia, the City administration, its employees, and all City residents, I wish to inform you that I am resigning from the position of Mayor of the City of Macedonia, effective immediately.

I will forever remain dedicated and loyal to the City, and will hold it and its residents dear in my heart.  There is no doubt that the City has devoted and diligent public servants who will continue moving the City forward on a positive path into the future.  Thank you for the privilege of serving as your Mayor.  Best wishes to you all, and God bless.

Joseph Migliorini

Julie D'Aloiso
Julie D'Aloiso
Owner of SpiderCat Marketing, Station Manager at NEO Community Radio, and content manager for NordoniaHills.News

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