On 9/8/19 at approximately 2000 hrs (8:00 pm) a police officer was dispatched to a home on N. Bedford Rd. to respond to a report of criminal damaging. 

The officer was met by a resident who stated that on 9/7/19 at approximately 2010 hrs, he was sitting in his rear living room when what appeared to be a rock struck an upper window on the back house and landed in the dining room; shattering the window and leaving glass all over the floor in the living room. By the time the police officers arrived, he had the glass cleaned up and the rock had been thrown in the garbage. He stated that his granddaughter contacted his neighbor who had video of what happened. 

As explained by the resident, two males, one black and one white who appeared to be juveniles, can be seen walking back and forth through the yards that lined the creek between his and the neighbors’ residences. The two males go out of view of the camera to the north. The white male returned to view and bent over as if he was picking something up off the ground before going off camera to the north again. A short time later, both males are seen running through the back yard southbound. The video of the males was unclear and neither of the residents recognized them. 

No further information was available at this time. 

An Officer, responded to a business on Highland Rd. for a report of theft. The reporting party, stated that on 9/11/19 a white male came onto the property and drove to the back of the parking lot where they store various items for the business. He stated the male loaded several wooden pallets onto his truck with the help of another white male. He also stated the male then stopped on his way out and asked if he could take some of the pallets from inside the building. He told the male no. He then asked could have the pallets at the rear of the lot. He told the male no and he left. What he did not realize at the time, the male had already taken the pallets. After he watched the security video he saw that the male had taken them. He was able to see the license plate on the truck and the registered owner was the same male who was driving and who had taken the pallets. He advised the police officer that he did not want to press charges, but suggested the police officer contact him and tell him he is not to be on the property.

The incident counts for this time period 8/25/19 – 9/14/19:

theft 15
domestic violence 3
drugs 3
suspicion 2
speed 2
warrant 2
display license plates 2
doa and body found 1
aggravating menacing 1
simple assault 1
unauthorized use of motor vehicle 1
telecommunications fraud 1
driving under the influence of liquor 1
turn and stop signals 1
falsification 1
trespassing 1
anti-stalking protection order 1